FACADE unit - 100% Design JHB

August 11, 2017

Our Facade unit was conceptualised and designed for the We are Joburg stand at 100% Design JHB currently running at Gallagher Convention Centre. We wanted to portray our vision and experience of the multi-dimensional city, at once brutal, hard but also alluring and mysterious. We looked at the façades of buildings in the city center and how the light plays with their forms. The repeating geometric shapes of facades inspired us to interpret this into the piece. Finally, we wanted to capture the changing nature of the city context, and added a reflective surface inside with a slight tint, to represent the way light falls and changes throughout the day (Joburg is loved and known for it’s good weather and beautiful sunsets after all).

The unit is constructed from Aluminum plate and extrusions, all sandblasted and finished in wax, the internal mirror is given a tint during manufacturing giving the shaded effect.

The unit will be on display until the 13th of August.