Aesop stores - Florida

January 20, 2017

Throughout our 30 years, we have been constantly delighted by the unexpected affinities that have come from the negotiation of differences involved in establishing new stores –by means of immersion in unfamiliar landscapes, investigation of local materials, engagement with local culture and history, and of course development of fertile new relationships. The desire to embrace differences and nurture such affinities is intrinsic to our thinking and way of being. (Aesop ‘On Design)

Respecting the context of the location within which Aesop stores exists, Aesop has become known for their approach to store design. With an appreciation and value for stores to reflect the environment within which it stands, each store is unique and original due to the “ingredients” informing each space from the location, materials through to the team involved. The latest stores has been envisioned by celebrated Mexican born and based architect, Frida Escobedo. The two stores in Florida (in Tampa and Coconut Grove) has been beautifully designed by Escobedo creating spaces that are simple yet multi-layered. Yet again, another Aesop store that makes us look…and look again.