Atelier Jozef Peeters

October 02, 2015

“Symmetry has to be avoided and asymmetry applied in a way that does not appear chaotic” / Bouwkunde magazine (1924)

Peeters’ apartment in De Gerlachenkaai (Antwerp) has become a tactile manifesto of his modernist view of architecture and the visual arts, masterfully merging the two to create a three-dimensional artwork. Working with the space, basic compositional decisions were made to treat surfaces as a canvas. Determining a unique colour palet per space, colour planes flow across surfaces filling the volume and creating an encapsulating experience. To complete this well curated space, Peeters also took responsibility to design the furniture and lamps. The wonder of this three dimensional artwork, is that Peeters’ daughter who moved into the apartment after her parents death, preserved the space and decided to donate it to the Antwerp city council after her death in 2009, with only one condition, that like-minded art appreciators should be given the opportunity during scheduled times to view this preserved masterpiece.