Centimetre Rug, Eileen Gray, 1926

February 15, 2017

​Designed in 1926 for the salon of the Villa E1027, the Centimeter rug is a classic icon from the pen of Eileen Gray. Designed alongside art critic and partner, Jean Badovici, the structure on the hills of the Côte d’Azur is considered one of the best examples of modernist architecture. Gray designed every interior detail meticulously, taking into account even the smallest element. As a result everything was considered, from hinges and handles to furniture pieces. The Centimeter rug highlights the number 10 with a mysterious code (referring to the tenth letter in the alphabet “J” for Jean Badovici). This iconic piece has recently been re-launched by Classicon. Made from 100% wool and coloured with natural vegetable dyes. For more information, please contact our showroom.