David Hockney’s home

December 13, 2017

With the summer holidays approaching we decided to revisit the Californian home of David Hockney. ​In April 1983 Architectural Digest featured the colourful house of influential British artist, David Hockney.

“Hockney began creating his unique “set” for living three years ago when he purchased, on the West Coast, a somewhat ordinary brown ranch-style house nestled against a wooded hillside. The transformation has taken place gradually as he has devised the exotic palette for each architectural element, each room, one step at a time. The only structural change has been the addition of three pyramidlike apertures to light the studio/living room. “What I am doing, slowly, is making my own environment—room by room—as artists do. Of course it’s fun,” he says.”

The use of colour, three dimensional compositions, and of course, the famously painted pool gives the illusion that you might be a character within one of his paintings.