Donald Judd

August 22, 2014

“To begin at the beginning in a proper philosophical manner, one person is a unity, and somehow, after the long complex process, a work of art is a similar unity. But the person is fairly unintelligible and the art is intelligible. Primarily what is intelligible is the nature of the artists, either of the past or now. The interests, thoughts and quality of the artists make the final total quality of the work.” –Donald Judd, 1983

Artist, art critic, philosopher, furniture designer is used to describe the field of work that Donald Judd pursued. To add to this list he was respected for his revolutionary minimalist thinking, reflected in his writing, “Specific Objects” (1964). Judd was known to strive for clarity in the constructed object and the effect that an object or artwork has on the environment it exists within, and that is why we at Tonic admire his work. His legacy is captured and preserved through the Judd foundation, who strives to make the Judd archives accessible to people. What an inspiration.