Ercol catalogue 2019

June 21, 2019

The 2019 catalogue by Ercol is a compilation of imagery capturing the company’s design ethos.

Under the creative direction of Sofie Brünner (styling) and the creative direction and photographic skills of Christian Møller Andersen the crafted Ercol range can be viewed in a clear, crisp layout.

“ Purity. Integrity. Tactility. These are just some of the values at the heart of Ercol, a global company with a legacy of design dating back to its inception in 1920. Founder Lucian Ercolani was a talented craftsman who was educated as a furniture designer. His vision of well-designed furniture by artisans who took pride in their work burgeoned into a growing business fuelled by his passion. Craftsmanship is a cornerstone of the company, exemplified by Ercol’s perfection of the steam bending of timber, previously deemed impossible decades ago. This enabled Ercol to produce a modern version of the Windsor Chair so as to be more accessible to the masses. A pioneering concept at the time, Ercol’s bentwood furniture was subsequently featured 70 years later as a special exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London - attesting to its timeless appeal.”