‘New Paintings’ by Zander Blom

March 03, 2016

“I’ve followed the medium instead of trying to make it follow me”_Zander Blom ’16

In Blom’s latest exhibition of ‘New paintings’ he explores the relationship between two 20th century artist, Piet Mondrian vs Pablo Picasso. Blom’s approach to keep on evolving and allowing the process and paint to guide his work, the latest set of art works is a feast for the eye. Fragmented shapes of bold colour are linked to planes of merged, marbled detailed paint fragments, showing the artists deep understanding and relationship with colour. The exhibition opens today at Stevenson Gallery in Cape Town and will run until the 9th of April.

Buchanan Building, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock.

Untitled [1.761] / 2015 / Oil on linen / 105 x 75cm

Untitled [1.763] / 2015 / Oil on linen / 198 x 140cm