Stevenson Johannesburg

June 10, 2019

Thank you for the great article in this weekend’s Business day, Wanted, of the Stevenson Johannesurg gallery we recently designed and completed.

Tonic Design, the team who took on the conversion, made a similar move a few years ago, and sensitively transformed a house into a studio.

Tonic’s Greg Gamble says much of what they did was as non-interventionalist as possible. While they opened up three gallery spaces, it’s still very clearly a house. “It was a very charming little house,” Gamble says, “but very run down.”

The pressed-metal ceilings have been preserved and the interiors painted white with grey floors. “We made a conscious decision to keep the charm,” Gamble says. In the gallery areas, the walls have been “skinned”, as Gamble puts it, with drywall, not only to create sleek “white boxes”, but also to leave the original walls unmolested by nails. “We emphasised the old details,” he says. A private-meeting lounge retains its fireplace, and a staff dining area and kitchen also maintains its domestic character.

​Photos: Judd van Rensburg