The Judd Foundation

October 16, 2018

“…there’s a poetry to his work — those small moments of elevation — but they’re in no way detached from the real world. His work animates, and clarifies, and sharpens our surroundings; he helps us see what already exists.”_Rainer Judd

Donald Judd moved to Marfa, West Texas from New York in the 1970’s. Surrounded by the Chihuahuan desert, Judd was drawn the space.

“He came here because he wanted his works to be installed as he intended,” explains Rainer (Judd’s daughter). “He felt that the galleries and institutions in New York and elsewhere didn’t pay enough attention to the relationship of an artwork to the surrounding space; he wanted to be able to site his works with a degree of permanence, within buildings calibrated to his sense of proportion. As trustees of the Judd Foundation, it’s the role of my brother Flavin and I to preserve those works, and the architecture which contains them.”

The Judd Foundation is run by Rainer and Flavin Judd (offspring of the late artist and architect). Part of the foundation is the maintenance of 101 Spring Street in New York, and 21 buildings in Marfa.

​All photos by: Justin Chung via Cereal