The Modular sculptures of David Umemoto

October 03, 2016

When volume and void is crafted and cast to populate space then objects come to life. The three dimensional sculptural pieces of Canadian artist, David Umemoto illustrates the meeting of architecture, art and design, something we value greatly at Tonic design. With an artistic curiosity, Umemoto spent a year in Asia (after completing a degree in Architecture), learning the craft of casting, woodworking, engraving etc. Subtle details such as the meeting point of infinite staircases and surfaces, through to the delicate line of an arch connecting to a plane clearly illustrates this great artist/architects work.When the sculpture details and spaces are photographed the scale of the work becomes distorted and is the viewer transported to spaces that reminds one of scenes by great Italian painter, de Chirico. This along with the architectural modular shapes that the artist enquires into as structure not only as a modular system but as a cellular one that is not only interchangeable but also has the ability to transform . Here are some of the works that caught our attention: