Made and crafted with purpose and consideration.

We are an interior-architectural design studio specialised in designing custom and limited edition product and furniture, as well as showcasing a selected range of imported product and contemporary fine art pieces. An ongoing fascination with the design of furniture is at the core of what we do. The modern sophistication of our work is the result of an unorthodox approach towards materials, an emphasis on technical precision and a return to traditional construction techniques and refined craftmanship.

Our Showroom

For nearly two decades, our showroom has welcomed a community with an interest in classic modernism and contemporary design. Functioning as both a retail destination and an interactive showcase for our ranges, the showroom allows us the ongoing opportunity to develop interior concepts in real time and space. To accompany these installations, the showroom regularly hosts bodies of work by local artists, ceramicists and glass-blowers, displayed and illuminated alongside an ever-changing collection of imported lighting systems.