Tonic is arguably one of South Africa’s foremost furniture and interior design practices, with a portfolio and product line celebrated as much for its distinctive design language as for its uncompromising craftsmanship.

For over twenty years, our work has been honoured by numerous award bodies, featured in publications and conferences including Wallpaper and Design Indaba, and loved by design enthusiasts the world over.

As much as the studio is driven to create work that is provocative and progressive, it is also guided by the principles and processes of craftsmanship. The intersection of these two worlds – invention and tradition – is at the heart of everything we do.

With the knowledge that design does not exist in isolation, our work pays close consideration to context – the people and places which our solutions must ultimately serve. Empathy and engagement are therefore critical components in our process.

"The way an object or space makes one feel is as important as it’s function. Our work operates on multiple levels at the same time – it's about creating something with utility as well as meaning."

Philippe van der Merwe
Partner and Designer Tonic